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Hair Straightening and Relaxing

Winter is fast approaching and with it comes wet, damp weather. Several hair types respond badly to humidity, leaving hair looking frizzy and less than perfect. Traditionally these curly, wavy and unmanageable hair types were only dealt with by using rebonding treatments. While these still offer a solution for some, advancements in the industry mean there are now less damaging ways to achieve glossy and sleek hair. South Yarra Hairdressing Supplies carry several traditional and newer products to help you give your clients the hair they’ve always dreamed of.


This straightening series provides a breakthrough in the traditional methods of rebounding. The latest Ionic formula under high temperatures breaks down the keratin protein chains and reforms hydrogen, di-sulphide and ionic bonds within the hair. This reforming of different types of bonds gives an almost perfect straightening effect - minimizing friction and tangling.


This popular product can help create luxurious satin-like hair on even the frizziest clients. The effects of chemical and thermal damage, environmental factors and daily wear & tear can leave hair depleted of essential nutrients. Brasil Cacau has been designed to replenish and rejuvenate these nutrients. Hair is left frizz-free and glossy, reducing styling time and increasing manageability. Sugarcane Extract, Cystine and Omega 3 & 6 help to reconstruct the hair and antioxidant-rich Acai Berry leads to a reinforced structure and a smooth, sealed cuticle.


Silk proteins and amino acids form the basis for this Smoothing System that contains unique technology, enabling the hairdresser to create glossy and polished hair. By releasing nanoparticles into the hair it repairs from the inside out. In addition, they also form a protective barrier around the hair shaft which crystallizes with the use of thermals - releasing even more conditioning agents into the hair. Coming in three formulations to suit most colour and hair types, Agi One also offers a complete maintenance range so that your client can effectively handle their hair at home.


Smooth, naturally manageable and shiny hair are the benefits of using Lisse Design. Excellent performance and safety combine in this product to give clients the versatility they need in a smoothing treatment. The keratin and collagen protein complex mixed with glyoxylic acid guarantees long lasting, smooth effects. At the same time, Amazonian Babassu oil provides extraordinary moisturising. Hair is left looking polished, silky and touchable.


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