Top Long-lasting Hair Colouring Products

Top Long-lasting Hair Colouring Products

A key element of customer loyalty is satisfaction, with high-quality products an important part of client satisfaction when it comes to hairdressing. Even if your salon’s styling skills are legendary and you use modern hair salon equipment, you risk losing customers if you don’t use the best colouring and styling products on the market. The team at South Yarra Hairdressing Supplies are passionate about our products and encourage customers to use long-lasting colours. Here are our top hair colouring products:


Glazette offers a wide variety of long-lasting bright colours with 100% grey coverage. From superlight shades to intense naturals and flaming reds, the Italian company’s product line provides over 103 shades to suit all of your client’s colour preferences. The permanent hair colour company uses advanced technologies to provide consistent, even coverage every time, effectively balancing natural ingredients to create total coverage, unparalleled brilliance and unprecedented condition. Glazette’s new product formula is enriched with soy, wheat and corn amino acids, guaranteeing luxurious volume, strength and shine that will keep clients returning again and again.

Kitoko Colour

If you are looking for multi-dimensional colours, Kitoko Colour offers an exceptional product line with more than 95 colour options. There are a variety of natural shades available in addition to high fashion metallic, pastel, gothic and highlift red ranges.

You can view Kitoko’s full colour chart on the South Yarra Hairdressing Supplies website. Kitoko Colour is known for offering a luxury line of products. Their colours feature DATEM PLUS technology and have a gentle ammonia-free consistency that penetrates hair and leaves a flawless appearance with total grey coverage. With added UV filters, the colours offer maximum protection from fading both indoors and outdoors. If your salon is dedicated to responsible ingredient sourcing, this colour product line will not disappoint. Natural substances that come from sustainable and renewable sources make up 90 percent of the Kitoko’s colour formula. 

Xssential Colour

If you have a salon that also offers spa services, the Xssential Colour line is an excellent choice. Xssential Colour is well known for their aromatherapy colours. You can help your customers create unique colours and can adjust the boldness with varying amounts of their de-colour powder, hair treatment and shampoo products. South Yarra Hairdressing Supplies offers more than 80 shades of Xssential Colour. With a low concentration of ammonia, the colours are gentle on hair and are ideal for clients with scalp issues or sensitivities. There are several natural colours and brighter hues that produce vivid results. This colour line is not packed with chemicals and contains high-quality natural ingredients that promote maximum retention for a look that is even and does not fade.


Wella is a company that has been in business for over 130 years. Their salon quality products are known for their fade-resistant attributes. Many customers also love Wella colours for their vibrant shine, root-to-tip evenness and endless colour range - from opal finishes to bright reds. The company only uses high-quality ingredients that are sourced responsibly. Wella hair colours feature Triluxiv technology and provide customers with the benefit of nearly 100% grey coverage. With a conditioning agent consistency of 25 percent, the Wella colours are gentle on hair. South Yarra Hairdressing Supplies offers a comprehensive Wella colour palette.

Igora Royal

This luxury hair colour line was developed for hairdressers by highly experienced colouring professionals. Igora Royal colours are known for their excellent retention properties, their ability to cover hair evenly and for their consistent look. South Yarra Hairdressing Supplies offer 120 shades of Igora Royal colours. You can mix them to create multiple high-definition colours that are as unique as your clients. Although there are a few bright colours, the line is especially known for their soft and muted hues. There are also multi-dimensional versions of natural colours. If your salon thrives on creativity and individuality, this colour line is a must for your inventory.

Nova Products

From the reputable De Lorenzo brand, the Novacolor line offers colour maintenance products that are great for all hair types. Containing botanical extracts and low ammonia content, Nova products are gentle on hair. There are also powerful UV inhibitors that protect coloured hair and leave it looking even. What makes this colour product line so unique is that it was designed specifically for Australia's climate.


The Indola line provides a wide range of colour choices with 99 shades available to choose from. They are divided into three categories, including:

  • Red and fashion
  • Contrast
  • Naturals and essentials

Indola’s long-lasting formula is gentle on hair and leaves it soft, smooth and shiny. The brand's colour chart is easy to use for new and seasoned hairdressers. Another bonus is that the company offers excellent support and colour consultations. This is especially useful if your salon has several new hairdressers who are still building their skill set. While every shade provides full coverage and vibrant results because of the brand’s Colour Double Bond Technology, Indola is especially known for their large palette of stunning reds. You can order the entire range of affordable colours from South Yarra Hairdressing Supplies.

Protecting Long-lasting Colours

There are also several hair care and styling products that protect long-lasting colours to maximise their results. When your clients gain an understand on how to protect their colour, greater satisfaction will be achieved. Many protective products are designed for darker tones or specifically for bleached hair. Below are a few of the top colour-protecting products available from South Yarra Hairdressing Supplies:

  • Hi Lift True Blond - this product protects silvery blond hair from developing a brassy or yellow look.
  • Bain de Terre products protect and strengthen coloured hair with powerful botanical blends.
  • Natural Look ColourArt products are environmentally friendly and are designed to protect any type of coloured hair.
  • Natural Look Silver Screen is designed for silvery blond hair and maintains the hair’s beautiful shimmer with botanical extracts and wheat amino acids.

South Yarra Hairdressing Supplies is your one-stop location for all the above colouring products and other salon essentials. As a company, we are proud to be one of Australia's top hairdresser and hair colour suppliers. To stock your salon with high-quality products, please visit South Yarra Hairdressing Supplies.

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